The "Null & Peta" production blog has begun!

Get ready for the new game and anime cross-media project Null & Peta! A disaster-filled comedy about the adventures of Null, a genius inventor and elementary school student, and Peta, her RoboSis who is also one of her inventions!

Hereafter, we plan to release the game simultaneously worldwide and intend to distribute the anime worldwide this Autumn. The official site, Twitter and Facebook are now all open. New information regarding the Null & Peta game development and anime production as well as interviews and other content will be posted regularly. So please check back often!

At the beginning of the project we received comments from Hato, the creator and script writer, and Hirofumi Ogura, the director of animation production.

Original Concept / Script HATO

When sisters (or brothers) are lonely they take care of each other. They help each other.
On one hand, they fight, they lie, they hide each other's toys, they tell on each other to their mothers and tell each other things that make the other think “Did you really need to say that right now?”

Spending a long time with someone like this, growing up in the same house, sometimes you end up with a lot of memories, not just the ones that leave you thinking “They're so great!” but just as many that make you think “This sucks! I'm sick of seeing your face!”
However, that's what we call family, and your brothers and sisters are part of that.
They're a little different from your mother and father. They're a strange existence who shares the same blood as you.

In our new project “Null & Peta,” because her sister is a robot, perhaps it might be better to say electricity and fuel instead of blood.
But either way, there's always some kind of invisible bond. I wrote this story believing that.

This is the story of the mishap-prone sisters Null & Peta's.
I hope you all sit back, get incredibly relaxed and enjoy!

Comments from Director Hirofumi Ogura

Somewhere that's not here. In a time that's not now... But the life they have there must be the real thing...

You might feel that what I said sounds somewhat logical, but if I'm giving a quick explanation about Null & Peta, that's how I would do it.
But the story of “Null & Peta” isn't so complicated.
Rather, it's more a simple story about the bonds of family.
Even if people look like they're alone, someone is surely protecting them...
It's something that often can't been seen with the naked eye, a sorrow which might not be healed so quickly, however...

Apologies for the long introduction, but through the mishap-prone sisters Null & Peta's itty-bitty little story, all the staff are giving everything they have to create this story, and if we can make everyone around the world laugh (and sometimes cry!) while they remember the things important to them, that would be absolutely incredible.
We hope everyone can relax and enjoy our project. Please make sure to check out all our social media!!!

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