Peta(Robo) Vs Null "I won't let you!!!"

Did you watch episode 2?
“What you can see over there is the village of bamboo shoots...” Bamboo shoot fundamentalists are scary...

So, while only the laboratory was shown in the first episode, some scenes from Null's room, the living room and around the lab were shown in the second episode. Today we will introduce the setting images of the lab and its surroundings.

First of all, these!
As mentioned in a previous post, this is Null's room and the living room.
She lives in a surprisingly colorful room.

Also, this is the building where the robot Null used to battle Peta was stored.

Null, who fought from within a robot, was KO'ed in a flash by the Dark Fried Rice.
What will we be posting next time, I wonder... For now, how about we show you a shot from episode 3?

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