Introducing the world of the Null & Peta anime!

We hope to update the Null & Peta blog once a week with information on the anime production and begin introducing the game.
Now we're going to introduce the anime!

The World

Firstly, we will introduce the background art to help you get a feel for this anime world!
As you'd expect from a genius girl, Null also has her own personal lab!
Here we are developing Peta (Robo), the RoboSis.

Null's room is very colorful!
There's cables everywhere! Stop plugging so many things into one spot!
Also... What on earth is that thing hanging from the ceiling!?

This is the living room.
Surprisingly, she's a fan of the Japanese style!

This is where Null and Peta (Robo)'s mishaps will start to unfold.

The Characters

Here we will release character concept art.
We'll decide what kind of design the characters will be drawn with and how their shadows will be cast.

Also, here is a collection of facial expressions.
We'll decide what kind of facial expression will match the story.

Also, here is there character concept for Peta (Robo)...
Um, excuse me. Is there seriously demand for this???

For the moment, animation production is progressing smoothly, like this!!!
Everyone make sure to watch the anime when it airs this October!


We've arranged the key frame images to make Null move.

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