Who would have thought a robot like this would appear!? The time for Azumi Waki & Reina Ueda to put their heart and soul into recording the voices!

We hope to update the Null & Peta blog once a week with information on the anime production and begin introducing the game. This time, we'll be giving you the second half of the interview with original concept creator/scriptwriter Hato and director Hirofumi Ogura!
We also asked about the recording session for the voice actors and the story, amongst other things in the game!

――Today was the first day of voice recording for the anime, how did it go?

Ogura: Since there's only a couple of characters in the story, I was really hoping people wouldn't feel like Null and Peta's characters are the same. However, that was absolutely not the case at all in today's recording session. I don't know if Azumi Waki who plays Null, and Reina Ueda who plays Peta, discussed differentiation beforehand or not, but I felt like they really took it into consideration in their performance.

Hato: It was funny how it felt like Peta (Robo)'s voice performance was an invention itself. I think there's two main directions it can go, either towards being a robot or towards being a human. But if you think about it, there aren't actually many reasons why the way a robot would speak would be robotic.

Ogura: Even recently, robot's speech is becoming more fluent. There's a big difference between our impression of a robot as a child vs. now. You'd think because it's a robot there's no blood flowing through its veins, but if you listen to Reina's performance it feels like there is (laughs).

Hato: It's easy to imagine to some extent this story playing out between humans, but this is a story of robots and humans, so there were parts where it was difficult to unify everyone's image of what the robot would be like. This time, I feel like they relieved us of our worries with their performance. I was also able to reconfirmed the distance between Null and Peta(Robo). Recording the scenes for the robot was particularly interesting. We may have created the first robot of its kind! (laughs)

Ogura: I think we got a lot out of today's recording session because sometimes the voice actor's performance plays a part in the production of future storyboards and art.

―― By the way, with an anime that interlocks with it, what kind of story will the game have?

Hato: I would also like overseas anime and game fans to enjoy this 2D action game. In the story, I feel players will be able to dig deeper into the sister characters and enjoy seeing their daily interactions and everyday life. I can't say too much about it at the moment, but I'd like everyone to watch the anime in October first and play the game after that. This is the order I recommend.

―― Lastly, do you have a message for everyone around the world?

Ogura: Huh!? I wasn't thinking on that kind of scale. (bitter smile)
Well, I guess... Please enjoy both the anime and the game together as a single story called "Null & Peta”. Moreover, I'd be very glad if the world within the story could continue to expand. Since we're not doing anything crazy in making this anime, it can be enjoyed easily. I even think it can be enjoyed easily while also doing something else. So please start by watching the anime version.

Hato: I hope that it will become a humorous story that makes people around the world go "Wow, so that's what Japanese sisters are like!"

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