A short interview with Azumi Waki, the voice of Null!

Updates about the anime production and game content will be posted on the Null & Peta blog once a week. Today, we have a short interview with Azumi Waki, the voice of Null!

―― What was your first impression of the Null & Peta anime?
I really like elementary school student anime characters so I think Null is really cute. Peta seemed really cute too, so I would have been happy playing either of them. But in the audition I was told that I could only audition for one so I chose Null. I just really like elementary school students!

―― Do you feel you have anything in common with your character (Null)?
Nothing at all! Null loves to study, and I'm the exact opposite. But I can sympathize with how she doesn't like to go to school. For me, I didn't hate school, but I didn't like to study (laughs). But Null is a character whose expressions are always changing, so it was a very easy role me to play.
Also, since I have three older brothers, we have older siblings in common too. But, actually I really wanted a sister...!

Null & Peta will be distributed worldwide. Please tell all your friends around the world!
Since it's a light comedy, you can forget about everything and sit down and enjoy it. Even so, sometimes there is an unexpected side to that, though... Above all, I think that the cuteness of elementary school students is something everyone in the world can agree on, so please make sure you watch it!

Next week we will be talking to Reina Ueda!

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