A short interview with Reina Ueda, the voice of Peta!

Updates about the anime production and game content will be posted on the Null & Peta blog once a week. Today, we have a short interview with Reina Ueda, the voice of Peta!

―― What was your first impression of the Null & Peta anime?
Null and Peta both have a kind of round shape and I think it's super cute. I was thinking it would be a cute, cosy slice of life story, but actually it was quite wild. It looks like a slice of life, but this different to any kind of slice of life I've ever seen (laughs). The comedy is really strong and I think it'll be a show that will really make people laugh.

――Are there any similarities between you and your character (Peta)?
Maybe the fact that I don't really listen to people? (laughs) Peta has a soft demeanour and an atmosphere of being willing to accept anything, but also really air-headed. We might also have in common our awkwardness when trying to communicate...
I have a younger brother, so I’m also an “older sister.” We didn't necessarily have a bad relationship, but we were never that close, and when I was an adolescent, I took care to put some distance between us (laughs). But if I had a younger sister like Null I could have squeezed her tight!

Null & Peta will be distributed worldwide. Please tell all your friends around the world!
I think both Null and Peta's cute design will be popular all over the world! Also, the setting of the story extends not just throughout Japan but all throughout the universe. Since the scale is incredible, I'm sure anyone, anywhere in the world will be able to enjoy it. Since it's a short anime, watch the first episode with a relaxed, lazy attitude and I'm sure you'll want to see more!

The Null & Peta anime will be broadcast and distributed from October 4th (Friday)!
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