The Null & Peta Anime's First Episode Is Finally Here!

The first episode of the Null & Peta anime has finally been released!
Did you all watch it?
It's now available on many streaming sites, but for those who can't watch it the first episode is available on the official YouTube account for a limited time. So have a look! You'll be sure to want more!

Null & Peta: Episode 1

By the way, in August we published the GIF below on the blog. It's a collection of original images from episode 1 from the scene at around 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode. It's interesting to compare them to the completed animation.
When the color, the background, the voice and the sound all come together it becomes such a deeply moving scene. (Maybe even the best scene...?)

Also, be sure to check out the OP song revealed in the first episode of the anime!
The OP song “#NULL*Peta” is Null and Peta's character song, sung by the voices of Null and Peta, Azumi Waki and Reina Ueda. A preview video is available for viewing, so take the time to have a look and a listen!

Null & Peta OP Song "#NULL!*Peta" Preview Video


Peta's specs! (I guess that's what you'd called them?)
If you're able to analyze this, you must have incredible programming skills!

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