The “Null & Peta” anime airs this October! The main staff and cast have been announced!

At the TOKYOTOON booth at Comic Market 96 (Aomi Exhibition Hall No.1248) the project's main cast information was revealed. Null will be voiced by Azumi Waki and Peta will be voiced by Reina Ueda. The anime will be airing from October.
A promotional video created by the animation production staff was also aired at the booth. Details about the staff can be read below.


Null: Azumi Waki
Peta: Reina Ueda

Animation Production Staff

Original Concept / Script: Hato (TOKYOTOON)
Director: Hirofumi Ogura
Character Concept: Eku Takeshima
Character Design: Ken Itakura
Color Design: Eri Takahashi
Art Director: Maki Morio (STUDIO UNI)
Director of Photography: Takayuki Furukawa (OFFICE D. +)
Music: Yuki Kishida (FMF)
Audio Director: Jin Aketagawa
Animation Production: Shin-ei Animation
Production Collaboration: Ascension