The Results From the Null & Peta Advertising Ambassador Audition Event Have Been Announced!

The results from the Null & Peta advertising ambassador audition event held recently have been decided.
インサイドちゃんMark1 (S Group), 天使リリエル (A Group), Yui (B Group) and 桜夢なな (CN Group) will all be progressing to the final round of judging. As guest examiners, we have 結目ユイ for the S group and 珠玉子 for the A group participating in the final judging.

-Event Schedule-
Application Period: 11/11/2019 (Monday) 18:00 - 8/12/2019 (Sunday) 21:59
Event Period 2/12/2019 (Monday) 18:00 - 8/12/2019 (Sunday) 21:59
Final Screening: Will be scheduled for a day between December 16 (Monday) - December 22 (Sunday)
Grand Prix Announcement 25/12/2019 (Wed) (Planned)
In-Store Promotion: Scheduled to be held in Akihabara from January until March 2020

・ First Place: Advance to the final screening!
・ Judge's Special Award (0-3 people): The Judge's Special Award is for those who rank from 2nd - 5th.
The game's production team will decide by watching the broadcast.
*The final 4-7 groups from S, A, B and CN will come together for the final judging.
・ All Participants: A copy of the Null & Peta game for Steam!
*This offer is only for those who earned 50,000 points or more during the event period.

-Final Round Benefits-
・ Grand Prix (Group 1): Appointed the Null & Peta game support ambassador!
・ Your character will be used in store promotions across Tokyo scheduled for January to March 2020
The same will apply for support ambassador's inauguration.
- The nomination will be tweeted from the official Null & Peta Twitter
・ Receiving a gaming PC

*Please check the page on SHOWROOM for application details.

◆ Special page for those auditioning to be an ambassador for the Null & Peta game.