Audition event results announcement for the promotion ambassador of the Null & Peta game!

We will announce the results of the advertising ambassador auditions for the Null & Peta game held on SHOWROOM.

Grand Prix: 桜夢なな(Nana Sakuramu)
Second Grand Prix: 結目ユイ(Yui Musubime)

Originally only one Grand Prix winner was planned, but both of them were very talented and highly enthusiastic advertising ambassadors, making the selection very difficult. In the end, 桜夢なな (Nana Sakuramu) was chosen to be the Grand Prix winner and 結目ユイ (Yui Musubime) as a secondary winner, as we felt they would both make great advertising ambassadors.
Details such as events will once again be announced on the official website.

Reason for Selection

Grand Prix: 桜夢なな(Nana Sakuramu)

She understands the creativity within comedy and also likes yuri (girls love) while understanding that this is "yuri between sisters." This got her a high score.
She is also very good at using different kinds of voices, and we thought that the flexibility in being able to support various situations with her seven-colored voices would be very powerful weapon as an advertising ambassador for attracting many people.
And most importantly! We valued her extraordinary enthusiasm in doing things like making her own supporting manga and a screen system for the judge!

Second Grand Prix: 結目ユイ(Yui Musubime)

We could feel her extraordinary enthusiasm since the beginning of the tournament, even while broadcasting during her busy schedule.
Furthermore, even while saying she's not good at action games, she went all the way to Akihabara to play the demo. We really valued the effort and felt that she'd make a good advertising ambassador.
As a special exception, we have chosen a second grand prix winner and we hope they can work together.